You’re here! Fantastic! Now, what the hell is going on? Glad you asked. Here’s some hot takes; see if they grab you:

Authentic Living. Primordial originality. Profound presence. Walking the high wire, trusting yourself, improvising, making stuff up. Shredding the models to make your own magic. Insight and action. Bold, brave, and daring. Work with care, even devotion. Impeccable. Resourceful.

Speaking Truthfully. YOU are the message! Courage and confidence. Vulnerability and intimacy. Transparency and connection. No pretense, no defense, no hiding. Storytelling to enchant and transform. Impactful, inspirational, transformative. Universe-disturbing.

Embodied Self-Awareness. Applied and practical. Inner knowing and outer engagement. Explore, experience, express. Quiet mind, peaceful heart, playful spirit. No end in sight. Big game, big field, no rules. Expansion. Clarity. Purpose. Effortless and abiding Silence.

This is what’s going on here. Interested? Okay, start clicking and reading, and then send me an email.

Oh, yes, of course, who am I? You’ll want to know. Another hot take, from a friend and colleague.

“Robert is the bravest man I know. He is ugly and beautiful, flawed and perfect. He isn’t afraid to let the world see him. There is nothing he can’t say, and nowhere he’s sold out. He has balls of steel.” PETER COOK, business thought leader, speaker, author

What about you? What might you expect to experience in working with me.

“I’ve worked with countless spiritual teachers, self-help gurus, therapists, and coaches and I can say with complete certainty that Robert is the real deal. He is his teachings. His books and our two conversations gave me the balls (breasts) to do what I had been avoiding for most of my life, which was not only to speak my truth, but to take creative action as my truth. So I did. And my life changed dramatically.” SERA BEAK, Harvard-trained scholar of comparative world religions, author, speaker, revolutionary

Let’s face it. It’s one thing to say you want to speak and live your truth; it’s another thing to actually do it! It’s a treacherous and scary path, yet it’s also a glorious, fulfilling, and utterly liberating path. You won’t find a better, more qualified, authentic, and effective speaking guide and mentor than Robert Rabbin. As a speaker, teacher and writer, I sometimes felt that my truth was trapped inside of me: it was excruciating. Robert has shown me how to liberate my truth and how to speak it with confidence and clarity to anyone, anywhere, anytime. And it’s not just speaking; it’s about how I show up in my everyday life. Robert is a living example of what it is to show the f*#& up! He’s fearless and it’s infectious!

Robert has challenged me, inspired me, awakened me and freed me in ways I was not expecting. In every session, I’ve discovered another layer of fear and habits that were holding me back, suppressing my truth and muting my true voice. Without fluff or BS, he lovingly creates the space for me to break open again and again into my own freedom. Nobody does REAL like Robert does, with his laser-like clarity, embodied wisdom, and wicked sense of humor. He walks his talk like no other teacher/mentor I’ve ever known. He’s a hotline to your truth and genuinely loves you enough to cut through the crap so you can speak your truth and give your gifts to the world. Robert is living proof that you can speak and live your own wild, free, unique, and inspired Truth, and by doing so gift those around you beyond measure. I love him and his work! LISA PAGE, founder, Soul Satisfaction for WomenLiving, Loving, Deeper

Back to you. Enjoy. Have fun. Speak soon.