Dr. Wayne Dyer: a Radical Sage
I was alerted to this letter by Dr. Wayne Dyer by my friend and colleague Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. Dr. Dyer offers us a living example of a Radical Sage, a person who integrates and embodies wisdom and action, a person who translates empathy and kindness into action, a person who brings heaven to Earth through action, a person who puts heartfelt, soulful impulses into action. Here is Dr. Dyer's letter, which appeared in his weekly newsletter. I know that many people out there are ... Read more

Comedienne Tig Notaro Gives A Masterclass In Speaking Truthfully
I always do my best to embody essential principles of Speaking Truthfully; I have to. Otherwise, who would want to learn from me? If I can't walk the talk, see ya! But my embodiment is just one of ... Read more
Speaking Truthfully: a boutique business for serious speakers
Speaking Truthfully is a unique style of self-expression, public speaking, and communication based on the authenticity, integrity, and transparency of the speaker. Its essential philosophy and ... Read more
The Village Where Men are Banned
In a recent interview with Larry King on Ora TV’s PoliticKing, the Dalai Lama, the face of Tibetan Buddhism and one of the planet’s most recognized spiritual leaders, said that the world is in need of more women as leaders. “According to scientists, women have more sensitivity than men. Sometimes I really feel that more women should take responsibility in the leadership of our planet. It would mean less violence,” his Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, said. These... Read more
Creating a Workplace Culture of Conscious Communication
Creating a Workplace Culture of Conscious Communication A High-Impact One-Day Program For Executives and Managers (A licensing and training option is available to in-house facilitators and consultants.)  INTRODUCTION Speech is a joint game between the speaker and the listener against the forces of confusion. Unless both make the effort, interpersonal communication is quite hopeless. If the leaders and managers of any organization focus first and foremost on performance an... Read more
A Special Webinar with Robert Rabbin
After my interview by Rick Archer on his Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP) program, I received a surprising number of questions via email and Facebook message. I feel that a written responses is not an adequate way to respond to these questions. So, I've decided to offer this special webinar for those who wish to discuss their questions with me, in person and in depth. Of course, all are welcome.  No topics are taboo! This webinar is limited to 12 people. Details are below. Date:  Saturd... Read more
5 Stars: "Teaching What We Need to Learn"
Leaders in Personal Growth & Spirituality Share Their Own Innermost Challenges I'm always watching out for examples of Speaking Truthfully principles, for people I can point to and say, "Watch, listen, feel. What do you notice?" When I find such exemplars I let people know; I like to share that wealth. I've been listening to a truly remarkable audio program called Teaching What We Need To Learn, hosted by Raphael Cushnir, who happens to be an old friend, one I respect and admire. This... Read more
Honoring Misty Copeland
I define speaking as how we move in and through life, how we express ourselves in verbal and non-verbal ways; authentic speaking is how we bring the bright truth of our inner being out into the world such that it inspires and encourages others, such that it brings people closer to their own bright truths, deep in the heart, deeper in the soul, full of beauty and grace, full of strength and courage. Misty Copeland is such a speaker. Misty Copeland was recently named principal dancer for th... Read more
Why I Love Facilitating "Speaking Truthfully"
Sometimes, things take a while, don’t they? Just a few months shy of 10 years since I created Speaking Truthfully, I’ve had an epiphany, about which I now write. I always did love this work, but now I realize why, and that I LOVE this work. Among the many great joys I experience in my work is watching people open, expand, and express. I love this. I watch them find their voice, and learn how to self-generate portable safety which gives them the courage and confidence to express what they ... Read more
NEW! Speaking Truthfully Articles
For those of you interested in Speaking Truthfully, I invite you to visit the Articles page on that website to read several new, short articles on various aspects of Speaking Truthfully! Click on the icon below!   Read more
Interview: Buddha at the Gas Pump
I have been invited by host Rick Archer to be a guest on his interview show, Buddha at the Gas Pump. Rick has interviewed some 300 people about their "awakening" experiences and, of course, much more. Our conversation is set for Saturday, August 1st at 10 AM Pacific time. You can watch this show live-streamed here. If you want, you can submit questions for me to respond to via the submit form at the bottom of this page — you can do that at any time before or during the interview. This i... Read more
How Privileged Are You?
I often take my privilages for granted; in doing so, the filters through which I see the world are skewed. I don't see as clearly as I might. And then I don't see those people with less, or no, privileges as clearly as I might. My empathy shrivels. I risk not seeing what I should see; not doing what I should do. I turn on the faucet, I get purified water. I flip a switch, I get light. My food is kept cold in my refrigerator. When I want more, I drive to the store. Maybe I get gas on the way. ... Read more
NEW: Radical Sages Facebook page
I have just created a new Facebook page: Radical Sages. Please read the description below, and click on the Facebook icon to enter the new page.  RADICAL SAGES Radical Sages are the evolutionary vanguard of personal, communal, societal, and global transformation. Radical Sages are a global demographic comprised of tens of millions of people who share certain lifestyles and values and who are reshaping cultures and reforming societies throughout the world. Radical Sages are advocate... Read more

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