Speaking Truthfully Award Winners
I am pleased to announce the first four winners of the Speaking Truthfully Award: Margot Wallström One Billion Rising Revolution Sydney Smoot Bill Moyers. Please click on the image below to visit the Awards page and read about these exemplars of Speaking Truthfully principles and ... Read more

CaliforniaSolar: An Important New Website
CaliforniaSolar, an important new website for Californians, has just been launched! Under the stewardship of managing editor Gerald W. Bernstein and with the efforts of a dedicated team of ... Read more
Senator Bernie Sanders
Eduardo Galeano
We're Late Only if We Want to Be
I cannot prove this, but I'm sure it's accurate: all great sages throughout history gave their greatest teachings to their students at the point of action; and they gave their most inspiring and truthful sermons about the field of action. That’s where the true wake-up occurs. It never occurs in words and ideas; that’s just more delusion, or spiritual ego —another fixed point of view without any bite or bark. That’s why people who sit in big halls and listen to teachers prattle on never g... Read more
Online Speaking Truthfully Master Class #2 for Aussies
An exclusive 6-week online master class for 6 participants — for Aussies only. Starts May 9th! What: “YOU are the Message” master class, online, for Australians only. Limited to 6 people for maximum interaction. The theme of this master class is dissolving taboos and self-suppression in order to speak truthfully and authentically with confidence, clarity, and skill. This class will be facilitated by creator Robert Rabbin, and hosted by producer Lotus Kruse. Description: Speaking ... Read more
Each Morning is a Blank Canvas
We wake up in the morning and the world is unshaped, waiting to be molded by us, by you and me. As we wake up, the world, both the inner and outer ones, is for an instant a blank canvas — an emptiness of infinite potential. The unshaped world will take shape according to our state of being, our state of consciousness, our state of awareness. I'm sure we know this intellectually. But have we seen that timeless instant with our own eyes? Are we even aware of this? Are we aware that as ... Read more
"I Serve" by Karen Bowller
I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Bowller several years ago, when she came along to a few of my Speaking Truthfully master classes. I'm delighted to publish her poem.  Karen Bowller is a trained journalist now living in the Blue Mountains of Western Sydney, Australia. She dabbles in writing poetry, loves bush walking and has recently begun hosting workshops and retreats in the mountains. Visit her on her Facebook page.  I Serve I have searched for a long time Always it has ... Read more
PRO BONO: for the public good
Speaking Truthfully master classes and individual coaching sessions are now available on a pro bono basis for a select number of nonprofit, social service oriented organizations. For details about Speaking Truthfully classes, please click here. Read more
Jesus speaks to Gov. Pence
Enhanced Speaking Truthfully Website
The Speaking Truthfully website has been enhanced, updated with new classes, additional sections, and revised copy throughout. Please stop by to visit! Read more
Speaking Truthfully Award
I am hopelessly in love with people who speak truthfully. Their words and presence quicken every one of my living cells, arouse my heart, and awaken my spirit. I'm not talking about speakers with good stage craft or presentation skills; I'm talking about people who are carrying words from the bottom of their very soul, one by one, with care and intention and love, carrying them up from the very deepest and truest part of themselves and giving those words to us, to me, to you, to their audience... Read more
My Response to Cancer
This is the text I read from at the storytelling show produced by Spark Off Rose, in Los Angeles, on April 13, 2015. I don't know what you were doing in November 2011, but I was in Bali, teaching a weeklong retreat based on my eighth book, The 5 Principles of Authentic Living. For six months prior to Bali, I had suffered from muscle spasms in my back that would buckle my knees, drop me to the floor, and blind me with pain. I could scarcely walk, but I had committed to teaching... Read more

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