My Holiday Gift to Everyone: "Speak Truthfully" e-book
Dear Friends, I've just revised what I think of as the most practical and useful of my eight books: Speak Truthfully: Speak Your Way to an Authentic Life with Awareness, Courage, and Confidence. I would like to offer the e-book edition of this revised book to everyone, free of charge. This download page will be available to everyone until December 31, 2014. You are welcome to share this link with your family, friends, colleagues, and social media networks. This book shares the ... Read more

This Thanksgiving, Millions will not Eat. Here's how to Help.
I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, which I’ll spend at my sister Sandra’s house along with all my siblings, nieces and nephews, grand nieces and nephews, and a few unaffiliated ... Read more
FIRING GOD: A Personal Account of Finding Freedom from Suffering
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Cheryl Abram, 202-421-4723 Email: URL:   FIRING GOD: A Personal Account of Finding Freedom from ... Read more
Learning to Speak Truthfully from Our Hearts
“We fell morally ill because we became used to saying something different from what we thought.” ~ Václav Havel It is not uncommon to read about some scandal of corruption, fraud or deception–by government officials, corporate executives, spiritual leaders, celebrities or sport figures. Even the Catholic Church is not immune, paying out billions of dollars in penalties for not speaking authentically about decades of child sexual abuse. I want to set things straight. We are not... Read more
Visionary film about 11-year-old Australian Aboriginal
I am very happy to help my friend Garth Lategon Delon promote and raise funds for his new project: a movie about an 11-year-old Aboriginal boy, Tyrone, and his Uncle Lucky as they negotiate everyday life in urban Melbourne. A quick word about my mate Garth and how we know each other. I met Garth around 2008 or so, while I lived in Melbourne. He invited me to speak, twice, at Rainbow Serpent, the annual lifestyle (read: hippie) festival he produced. I was by far the oldest dude at the festival... Read more
My Thanksgiving Gift to Everyone: "The 5 Principles of Authentic Living" e-book
I have just revised The 5 Principles of Authentic Living: How to Live an Authentic Life in 10 Words, and I would like to offer the e-book edition to everyone, free of charge. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I was inspired to do this in appreciation of the many people who have supported and blessed me with kindness and generosity during the past three years, while I was preoccupied with the lifestyle changes brought on by a January 2012 diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. I can report that I am ... Read more
The 5 Principles of Authentic Living
I would like to share with you The 5 Principles of Authentic Living, which represent nearly 50 years of self-study and self-expression. The first led to self-realization based on direct experience; the second led to unfettered forms of actualizing that realization in the world. These five principles comprise 10 simple words: two words per principle. They are my scripture, the profoundly holy and profusely practical book I use to guide me along the pathless path of an authentic life. The value... Read more
Authentic Realization
Change in Digest Delivery
In order to not overload your inbox or brain bandwidth, I've decided to send out Blog digests with a summary of new posts only once per month. So, I will personally delivery your email digest on the first of each month, which will give you the full month to check out and read new posts by me and the Un-Common Commentary band of contributors. If you have an interest in writing for this Blog, please let me know what you propose. I'd love to feature more voices than my own.   Read more
Working with Robert: It's Not for Everyone
When I learned that Robert had launched his Speaking Truthfully website, I sent him my unsolicited comments about what it's like to work with him. I really don’t want you to work with Robert. I am selfish and I don’t want to share him with you. So even as I share my experiences of working with him for more than two years, I am aware that I'd rather you weren't inspired to want to work with him. I want to scare you off, like a dragon protecting her lair. Robert is my golden treasure. H... Read more
Speaking Truthfully website launch
I am happy to announce the launch of the Speaking Truthfully website, and I'd like to invite you and your family, friends, and colleagues to stop by for a visit. Here is a preview of what this new website is all about: Speaking Truthfully is a profound, powerful, and daring style of authentic self-expression, public speaking, and communicating based on self-awareness, honesty, and transparency; integrity, vulnerability, and connection. Its essential philosophy and fundamental tenet is:... Read more
Before We Get Out of Bed, We Create Our World
We wake up in the morning and the world is unshaped, waiting to be molded by us, by you and me. As we wake up, the world, both the inner and outer ones, is for an instant a blank canvas—an emptiness of infinite potential. The unshaped world will take shape according to our state of being, our state of consciousness, our state of awareness. I’m sure we know this intellectually. But have we seen that timeless instant with our own eyes? Are we even aware of this? Are we aware that as our co... Read more
An Audit of My Life at 64
I am 64 years old. I’ve gotten here so fast, I’m almost certain that some of me isn’t here yet, hasn’t caught up to the here and now. Wasn’t I in Magnolia High School last month, radicalizing the student body during the ’68 presidential campaign? Back then, looking forward, I didn’t even know what 64 years old was. I’m sure I never thought about it; I never thought about time. I believed I had forever: time was like an endlessly moving horizon I would never reach. Now, I can h... Read more

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