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Challenging the Status Quo
"Challenging the Status Quo" is a new Speaking Truthfully master class.   challenge, v.: dispute the truth or validity of; attempt to do something one thinks will be difficult or ... Read more
Three New Meme Artworks
Meme Art is a wonderful discipline in which to hone a singular expression of meaning and significance, in about 175 characters, melded with a corroborative image. Here's three new ... Read more
"I've always been a story waiting to be told, a survivor waiting to be a hero." Imani McGee-Stafford, a University of Texas student and star basketball player, uses the power of her voice to triumph over sexual molestation and three suicide attempts. "I always say poetry is air because I think it's something I can't live without. I credit poetry with saving my life. I don't think I would be here if I didn't find poetry." Reading about her triumph and listening to her speak, one can ... Read more
Do You Have an Orchestra in Your Head?
I experienced two seemingly unrelated events last week: I facilitated a two-day Speaking Truthfully master class and I watched the Oscars on television. The master class focused on authenticity in self-expression — which includes speaking but really is about how you show up in and play the game of life. Basically, we looked at overcoming all manner of known, suspected, and unknown forms of self-suppression preventing us from flying our freak flag of glorious uniqueness. How? By supplant... Read more
My Message to Fifth Graders
I was asked to offer some "words of wisdom" to a group of fifth graders at a Los Angeles-area elementary school, which I was delighted to do. Here is what I offered them, saying that these seven ideas are what I would share with my own kids, if I had any.  1. Live your own life. Be authentic. Trust yourself and your creative desires and pursuits. It would be a shame to get to the end of your life only to discover in the last moment that you did not live your life, but the life that someo... Read more
Amateur Mystic by Krista Eulberg
Krista Eulberg is indeed an "uncommon" woman. She has been a friend of my sister Sandra for almost 20 years. I first met her in February 2012, when I moved to Los Angeles in the "darkest hour" of my life: reeling from stage 4 lung cancer. Krista offered me her heart, time, energy, and humor for weeks, helping me move into my new apartment. She was a lifeboat in a turbulent sea. Krista has enjoyed a long and varied career in the entertainment field, working with major film and TV studios and a... Read more
My Life with Gypsies: The Secrets of Sublime Storytelling
I am a story. You are a story. The Earth is a story. The cosmos is a story. History is a story. Religion is a story. Science is a story. Sacred and profane, heaven and hell, fact and fiction, God and the devil — these are all stories. We experience our lives and life in terms of the stories we tell — to ourselves and to each other. Whether our civilization and our species survive and thrive will be determined by the stories we tell. There is no escape. Stories create, define, sustain, and... Read more
Speaking Truthfully class in Austin, TX
AUSTIN, TEXAS “There is great magic in Speaking Truthfully. When we open our heart and unshutter our soul, previously unimaginable things are suddenly possible.” ~ Robert Rabbin  “YOU Are the Message!” A Speaking Truthfully Master Class February 20 & 21, 2015 — 10 AM – 5 PM Austin, Texas Speaking Truthfully is a radical form of self-expression based on authenticity, integrity, and vulnerability. In “YOU are the message!” Master Classes, Robert Rabbin ... Read more
Here's to a New Year Full of the Good Kind of Crazy
I wanted to post something going into the New Year, something short and focused on a single relevant and meaningful theme, something to reflect an as-yet wordless feeling inside me that wanted to come out. Nothing saccharine or sentimental; rather, something with a bit of bite, an irregular edge. So, I began to wait for something to appear. Sometimes, when I’m in this receptive phase of composing, something from outside will appear, something that someone else has said or written, and it fil... Read more
Pay Attention
(In light of my sister Sandra's recent mishap, I'd like to remind us all to Pay Attention. There are worse byproducts than Sandra's broken ankle of not paying attention. Here is chapter two of The 5 Principles of Authentic Living.) Pay Attention Now that we’re Being Present and living from awareness, now that we are not determined or defined by our thoughtstream, we have to incorporate into our repertoire of living authentically the second principle: Pay Attention. The definition ... Read more
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My Adventures as a Chauffeur & Bodyguard
My baby sister, Sandra, went off to visit friends in Chicago. Fist day there, she stopped to get gas in her rental car. A moment of inattention caused her to trip over a gas hose, fall, and break her right ankle in two places. She came back with her lower leg in a soft cast, with a diagnosis of "bad break; need surgery to insert pins and plate." Morale of the story for her? PAY ATTENTION! (The second principle of The 5 Principles of Authentic Living.) So, my quest for my life's true purp... Read more

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