on the nature of mind
ONE just beyond the thinking mind is an unending field of love and quiet beauty one can lie down there and live in eternity this field cannot be seen by the mind it cannot be known by the mind it can only be found and felt through Silence the thinking mind cannot know this kind of beauty and wonder the thinking mind has no feeling it has no soul it can only calculate distance and weight and price the thinking mind does not love it does not laugh it does not cry the thinking mind ... Read more

I Don't Believe Gov. Nixon's "Special Message"
I am writing in response to your August 19th special message regarding the ongoing situation in Ferguson, MO. I don’t believe you. Not a word. You have received terrible advice from your ... Read more
Calling all Radical Sages
I know people who are active in what is called the “non-duality” movement. Some host non-duality meet-ups, where only awareness is discussed. Nothing psychological or emotional, nothing to do ... Read more
My Song of Sudden Freedom
If we are seeking what is real, the real is seeking us. If we long to know the truth, the truth longs to know us. If we want to drown in love, love wants to live in us. These entities are everywhere, pounding on drums in the ceremonial centers of our cells—trillions of them. They flood into and from us. Be a child in this on-rushing love: don’t move. Stand still. Don’t try to find the real, or know the truth, or experience love. All effort pushes it away. Be like a lost child a... Read more
Pope Francis: the issue is not women
Somehow, somewhere I became hypersensitive to the ways in which girls and women throughout the world are disrespected, degraded, abused, violated, imprisoned, sold, raped, tortured, and killed. I have traveled through or lived in more than 20 countries. I have seen this everywhere, from put-downs at dinner parties to teenage sex workers to eight-year-old laborers. When I lived in Australia from 2005 – 2011, I taught authentic public speaking. The majority of my students were women, most of ... Read more
Healing the World is Possible
I know how to heal the world. I’ve known for 40 years. It’s simple but I don’t know if we’ll do it. I don’t know if it’s possible since it seems we prefer being sick, wounded, hungry and angry. I’m not giving up though. Here’s a bit of backstory. Forty years ago, I was living in an ashram in India. One morning around 5:30, I walked out of the kitchen where I had been cleaning and cutting fruits and vegetables for the communal lunch. The sun was just rising above mountain ri... Read more
Six Months to Live, Maybe Nine
It was November 2011, and I had just finished leading a week-long retreat in Bali. I was scheduled to return to Los Angeles, but I was too sick and incapacitated to fly all that way. Instead, I flew to the much closer Australia, where I had lived from 2005 untill May 2011. I was experiencing chronic and acute pain in my back. I was progressively losing leg strength. I could stand only on crutches. Lying down, I could not lift my legs and could barely wiggle my toes. From various chiropractors,... Read more
Even if the Words are Unheard
We are together in watching from a distance the madness in the Middle East. I cannot do anything to stop it.Whatever words I might writewill likely be unheard and have no effect.Still, if the words are not spoken, howcan they ever one day come alive?So, I offer these words, they are all I have.They are inspired by my teacher.My teacher began all his talks by saying“I welcome you all with love and respect.”To welcome another person with love and respectis to recognize and acknowledge them... Read more
Pro Athletes are Role Models
I might be 20 years late, but after reading about Baltimore Raven’s running back Ray Rice’s two game suspension for punching out his wife, I wanted to comment on former NBA basketball star Charles Barkley’s 1993 Nike Air commercial, seen on YouTube by almost half a million people. Mr. Barkley says, “I am not a role model. I’m not paid to be a role model. I am paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court. Parents should be role models. Just because I dunk a basketball, doesn’t mean... Read more
The Wilderness of Writing
Writing ain’t easy. Over time and with experience, it does get easier, but even then it ain’t easy. But that don’t really matter, ’cause if you’re called to write, you can’t avoid it. You gotta do it. Even if your spelling and grammar aren’t too good. It don’t matter. You just write, because you got to write.I started writing in my late teens, mostly long unintelligible poems to record my equally unintelligible wanderings throughout the world, took a 10-year hiatus while living... Read more
the nature of our soul
there is a something/nothing that lives beneath the tiniest of forms beneath the molecules and atoms beneath the smaller things the invisible things beneath and above and within and around   it is a spirit or an energy or an intelligence it is our very soul it is the essence of who we are it is within our very genes it is wound together in our DNA it is the light within our eyes it is the breath and breathing of all creation it is the high arc o... Read more
World Breastfeeding Week
In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, 2014, I am excited to introduce the first post by Contributor Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse. Please read about her on the Contributors page, and do visit her website. Lotus will be our Un-common Commentary correspondent from the frontier of all things relating to wildly authentic, powerful, sexual, spiritual, kick-ass women. World Breastfeeding Awareness Week by Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse Like most things that are important to me, I... Read more
The True Test of Spiritual Attainment
For my entire adult life, I have devoted myself to cultivating self-awareness. For me, self-awareness implies something that is applied; in other words, self-awareness in action. What does self-awareness look like as we go about our daily lives? What are the behavioral corollaries to self-awareness? My teacher, Swami Muktananda, exemplified self-awareness in action; everything he did had the distinctive qualities of clarity, competence, completeness. In a word: impeccable. He set the bar... Read more

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