Speaking Truthfully website/blog
I've been working on a new website/blog to feature Speaking Truthfully programs, which were originally offered as RealTime Speaking from 2006-2011. RealTime Speaking was the company I founded after moving to Australia; I discontinued that work shortly after my return to the U.S. in January 2012 due to illness. However, as my health has stabilized and I have the energy and enthusiasm to push from the banks into mid-stream of life, I am launching this new site. I've since re-branded RealTime ... Read more

An Audit of My Life at 64
I am 64 years old. I’ve gotten here so fast, I’m almost certain that some of me isn’t here yet, hasn’t caught up to the here and now. Wasn’t I in Magnolia High School last month, ... Read more
Life is a Work of Art
Contributor Myriam Negre writes of her experience with art as a way of life. She is a rare and beautiful being, who births each new artwork from her soul and whose every word comes from her heart. ... Read more
At First, I Thought Jon Stewart was Kidding. He Wasn't.
On the September 22 edition of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart begins with a 10 minute report about the People’s Climate March on September 21, attended by more than 400,000 people demanding action in the face of global climate change. At the 2:45 minute mark of the segment, Jon asks, Now, you may be thinking, do we really need a march to raise awareness about global climate change? I mean it’s an accepted scientific phenomenon pretty much everywhere. Here’s why you need the march. I... Read more
Don't Dis the Body: it's the handiwork of a genius
I heard a spiritual teacher tell his flock they were not the body. He said that with a bit of a smile, as if the mere thought of identifying with the body was laughably preposterous. He spoke with such confidence and authority. He announced that everyone was pure awareness and that the body was illusory, not real. I felt sorry for his students, poor things. The teacher is a dickhead. I do know that at the quantum level the body does not exist in the way we experience it through our senses... Read more
The One Booth that is Always Missing on Career Day
I recently read an article describing how, down in Texas (a rogue fourth world country), the people in charge of public education wanted eighth graders to select their career paths. Yes, this is true. As I thought about what I might want to say in response to this insanity, outlining my view of education, I remembered the very first article I had ever published, back in 1991. I found it hiding in my hard drive. I read it. I didn’t change a word. Here it is. I will write another article out... Read more
Meditation Sutras by a Modern Mystic
Meditation is commonly thought to be a practice or method, rooted in some mystical-spiritual-religious tradition or philosophy with the purpose of disabusing us of delusional notions about the nature of self and reality. Meditation is likewise defined as a path to enlightenment or self-realization—a set of steadying training wheels that helps us to ride the bike of our innate essence—to pedal our way towards the inherent clarity, wisdom, and compassion of our true nature. Meditation thus... Read more
A Soulful and Soul-Friendly Workplace
We all want to enhance our experience of work and enrich our work environments with greater meaning, purpose, joy and deep human connection. We want our work to be a place of inspiration, where we can find full creative outlets for our deepest values and highest vision, where we aim for what’s never been done and call out to a bigger, freer self that is just beyond who we are now. If we package all this together, we might just say we want to bring our soul to work in a workplace that is soul... Read more
President Obama's Magic Show: a specious case for war?
In the same way we need to dig for the truth of our own self through self-inquiry and other means, we need to dig for the truth behind political speeches and media headlines through investigative journalism. It is my view that most, nearly but not quite all, politicians and bureaucrats do not tell the truth. I do not believe anything they say. I see them as Penn & Teller wannabees, or better-dressed versions of the street-wise David Blaine, wonderful magicians whose sleight of hand prowess... Read more
9/11 is Groundhog Day
(Three days after 9/11, I wrote an 8,000 word article entitled “A Call for Peace.” More than a decade later, I feel my words are as relevant and timely as then—maybe more so. I am posting an edited version of that original piece, as the entire article is too long for blog posting. I have not changed a word. Much in the world has darkened in these past few years; my sentiments remain true for me, my heart is the same, my call for peace as necessary.) Since the shattering morning of Sep... Read more
I am a Dog
This is the first post by Contributor Krista Eulberg, who will be writing from time to time about her love of and advocacy for animals. I am a dog.  Or at least I was one in my last life or will be in my next, as I'm not sure which way the karmic scale actually tips. I have the hair of an Afghan hound: fine and tangly, the demeanor of a Labradoodle: steady yet silly, and the body of a Great Dane puppy:  tall and gangly, but with a pot belly. I was born in the Chinese Astrological ... Read more
Being a Preacher in the Church of What's Happening Now
The other day, I told a woman I had just met that I loved her. I’m not sure, but I think I freaked her out. Perhaps, I should have qualified what I meant, but that might have taken half an hour. Still, as someone who teaches and appreciates authentic and effective communication, I might have been more considerate. But I wasn’t. I wanted to say what I said. I was truthful, but maybe ineffective. No doubt, she could fairly have thought any number of things; he’s a needy mama’s boy (ho... Read more
How to Treat a Woman: a semi-definitive guide
“Well, I got a woman way over town that’s good to me, oh yeah. Say I got a woman way over town, good to me, oh yeah.” ~ Ray Charles Wasn’t brother Ray a lucky dog to have met a woman that was good to him? Of course he’d sing about it! But she’s not going be good to him for long if he’s not good to her. Same for you and me. We’ve got to be good to our women, treat them right. But do we know how? I’m going to get in the ring with a rampaging bull risking everything and te... Read more

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