Deep Knowing is Always Present
Be Present, Pay Attention, Listen Deeply — these are the first three of The 5 Principles of Authentic Living. The principles, if embodied, become the means by which we can know things we didn't know we knew. These principles open our access to the deeper knowing that lies beneath the thoughtstream. Sometime during the '90s, I led a two-day executive retreat for one of my corporate clients. As there were only eight participants, remembering names should not have been a problem for me. But ... Read more

Two Kinds of Change: Impermanence and Mind
impermanence, noun: not lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely, transitory Impermanence is one of the essential doctrines or three marks of existence in Buddhism. The term ... Read more
Leadership Dojos and Zendos
This article is an excerpt from A Mystic in Corporate America. Though originally written about 15 years ago, the premise seems to be as true and relevant today as then, especially in light of the ... Read more
INTERVIEW: Sound Bites from Silence
This is the first in a series of conversations that Nurit Oren — author, teacher, interviewer — and I will have about my book, Sound Bites from Silence: Scouting Reports from the Frontier of Consciousness. I wrote this book sometime around 2002 or so, and I attempted to express my direct experience of living in, and from, silence. By way of introducing these conversations, Nurit has said, "In this book, Robert’s ability to express and echo the voice of silence with accuracy, dexterity, ... Read more
Brilliant Business: A Road Map to the 21st Century
I recently found a copy of a documentary I produced almost 20 years ago, and I want to share it. I feel there are timeless messages in this 60-minute film, regarding leadership, work, culture, and team performance. (Ah, yes, I do look a bit younger!) In 1996, I was asked by a long-time client to design, manage, and serve as the emcee of a three-and-a-half day retreat for his entire company of more than 400 people. The idea was to celebrate their first 10 years of business, so the focus was not... Read more
How PowerPoint is killing critical thought
Oh, how I LOVE this article! For 10 years, I've tried to persuade my Speaking Truthfully students and clients to, if not renounce, then use PPT sparingly. I've begged them: learn to tell stories! Learn to enchant your audience. Use metaphors. If you are only going to give out bullet-pointed information, stay home, send everyone a PDF, or give them a URL link. Take advantage of the opportunity of being with people to create connection; use speech not just to inform, but to arouse, excite, inspire... Read more
Humanity is Challenged to Take a Collective Evolutionary Leap in Consciousness
Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. This is no longer an accurate definition of globalization. Globalization is no longer a "process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology." The drivers of globalization now include war and poverty, climate change, lack of education, oppressio... Read more
The Mental State of Presidential Candidates
I watched the Republican Presidential Debates last night — September 17 — until I was seized by an anxiety-induced asthma attack. I had to stop watching in order to breathe. I almost didn't survive when the talk turned to the possibility of Donald Trump's fingers being on the nuclear code pad. In fact, the idea of any one of the debate participants having access to the nuclear code just, well, it just, what I mean is, you know, my mind just could not expand that far to actually consider it. ... Read more
A Triumphant Message of Heart
A triumphant message of heart, a stirring example of humanity at its compassionate best, and a teaching for all the American presidential candidates who think building another Great Wall of China on our border with Mexico will solve anything at all. No country can remain aloof and isolated from global problems of war and poverty. Either we solve these and other issues together, or we all perish. Globalization is indeed a fact.  10,000 Heroes Open Their Homes to Syrian Refugees Nina Stro... Read more
Roberta Vinci: two brilliant performances
Roberta Vinci, having just produced the greatest upset in the history of women's tennis, gives yet another astounding performance in her post-match interview, embodying the essence of Speaking Truthfully. The distinction of Speaking Truthfully — as a philosophy and set of practical principles — is that all forms of public speaking are first and foremost an exercise in self-revelation. That is, a speaker's first consideration is to honestly and openly reveal themselves; their true face, th... Read more
Igniting Insight & Action: Personalized Leadership Mentoring
The challenges of leading any kind of organization — whether a start-up or small business or fast-track corporation, whether for-profit or non-profit — are mostly the same. Communication and relationships. Cultural clarity. Roles and responsibilities. Accountability and engagement. Vision and values. Learning and growth. Respect and dignity. Inspiration and creativity. Emotional intelligence. Commitment and well-being. Change management. Speaking truthfully. Social responsibility. These w... Read more
Do You Listen While You Are Speaking?
I've said before that most of us have never learned how to speak; we've only acquired language, which we use in rudimentary ways and often to little positive, soul-stirring affect. We haven't learned how to use the many colors on our speaking palette; we use but a few. So it is with listening: most of us have never learned how to listen. Yes, we can hear, but that is an innate capacity, a biological function. Listening is an art, as is speaking. We have to learn, study, practice — and pract... Read more
The Mystery of What Sarah Palin Meant
“Everything about Donald Trump’s campaign is … avant-garde.”  ~ Sarah Palin This comment was made during her interview of Mr. Trump on Friday, August 28, on the One America News Network, which is owned by Herring Network, Inc., a family owned and operated independent media company. I hadn't heard of this network before, so I did a bit of research. Mr. Herring himself says about OANN: "If you take a typical channel on any of the leading video providers, and you try to determine which... Read more

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