My Definition of "Soul"
If you put "soul" into the search box and tick "for all departments," you'll be notified that there are 1,530,783 products. Should you want to winnow the chaff from the wheat and end up with a reasonably concise and precise definition of soul, please go right ahead. And, please, let me know what you come up with; although I expect it would be in some future life for both of us. If you were to ask me, I'd be able to answer straight away: Yolanda Adams singing "Georgia on my Mind" ... Read more

Six Words to Change the World
I have been fortunate to meet several people who taught me about wisdom and in whose presence I traveled deeper and farther into the world of wonderment, beauty, grace, and silence. Huston Smith, ... Read more
I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore! Are you?
In law school, we were given hypotheticals; here's one for you: You have five minutes to speak on television, live and uncensored, commercial free, broadcast by every major U. S. network to the world. What would you say? How would you say it? To prime your pump, I offer this scene from Network — the 1976 drama written by Paddy Chayefsky, directed by Sidney Lumet ,and starring Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, Robert Duvall, and William Holden. It is a great movie, with this scene being one ... Read more
Silence. Presence. Silence.
when we are quiet and still as when we sit in the sand looking out to sea and beyond to where the eyes can’t follow   a Silent presence can be felt   it seems to be from within but it is equally without this Silence is the soul of existence and it permeates all things everywhere   Silence cannot be known by the mind as an object as we know an orange or shovel because Silence is the power by which the mind functions it is the source from... Read more
What Makes a Well-Lived Life?
Melbourne, Australia. December 20th, 2009. That's where and when I began a month-long solitary retreat. Something I could only name as "irresistible force" was pulling me inward and away from the outside world of my work and social calendar. I disconnected from everyone and everything. I disappeared from the world. I began what was to become a profound journey of reflection, release, and renewal. One day, my eyes closed. Shortly after, they opened, but I was no longer in my home in Melbour... Read more
My Life with Gypsies: The Secrets of Sublime Storytelling
I am a story. You are a story. The Earth is a story. The cosmos is a story. History is a story. Religion is a story. Science is a story. Sacred and profane, heaven and hell, fact and fiction, God and the devil — these are all stories. We experience our lives and life in terms of the stories we tell — to ourselves and to each other. Whether our civilization and our species survive and thrive will be determined by the stories we tell. There is no escape. Stories create, define, sustain, and... Read more
Cedar Park, Texas, Police Department: YES!
In Speaking Truthfully terms, I define speaking as how we show up in life, each moment, everywhere and all the time. These two police officers showed up in a pretty fantastic manner. So, I just called the Cedar Park, Texas ( 17 miles from Austin) police department to thank officers Justin Gower and Cale Hawkins for showing all of us what it means to "serve and protect." Police departments of America: take note and learn! From USA Today: Two Cedar Park police officers decided to go beyon... Read more
Collaboration with artist Jane Ellen Davis
I have collaborated with artist Jane Ellen Davis to produce a series of six Buddhist-themed memes, entitled "The Six Bodacious Buddhas." Janie sent me her selection of artworks; I'd sit with each one until they spoke to me, and then I wrote. I think that the finished products reflect Janie's artistic inspiration and my own outlook. They are posted on my Facebook pages, and they are also gathered and posted on a board at Pinterest. Let us know what you think. To see more of Janie's art and... Read more
Jim Crow Laws
I began reading an article entitled "Supreme Court To Hear One Of The Most Egregious Jury Discrimination Cases Since Jim Crow" — realizing how often I've heard of Jim Crow, but realizing also that I only had a vague idea of what it actually was, or is. So, I thought I'd give myself a history lesson, which I share with you. from Wikipedia The phrase "Jim Crow Law" can be found as early as 1892 in the title of a New York Times article about voting laws in the South. The origin of the ph... Read more
Style and Substance in Speaking
I confess that I watch the presidential debates of both parties with keen interest. My observation point is as an authentic self-expression and public speaking aficionado and teacher. I observe the debate participants on both their style (how they say things) and their substance (what they say). To my eyes, the participants in last night's Republican presidential debate, with the exception of Senator Rand Paul, had been prepared and practiced by their media consultants to shine in style. Really,... Read more
Do You Know Prof. Lawrence Lessig? You Should.
Do you even know that Professor Lawrence Lessig is a Democratic candidate for president? Probably not, However, at least one journalist, Alan Rappeport of The New York Times, saw his way to write an article about Lessig, in which he writes, "He is a luminary in the world of cyberlaw, a star Harvard professor with a résumé a hundred pages thick, and a sensation on the thought leader circuit. Despite raising more money than Mr. Chafee, Mr. Webb and several Republicans, Mr. Lessig’s candidacy ... Read more
"The Blind Leading the Blonde on the Road to Freedom"
My friend and colleague Nurit Oren has just published her first book: The Blind Leading the Blonde on the Road to Freedom: Confessions of a Recovering Spiritual Junkie." It is available on Nurit and I recently reconnected, via the miracle of Facebook, after a 30-year "separation." She and I shared many years together in the ashram of Swami Muktananda, back in the day. She is currently married to Gabor Harsanyi, a Hungarian spiritual teacher, and living in Budapest, Hungary. ... Read more

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