SPEAKING TRUTHFULLY — philosophy and principles.
Speaking Truthfully was created by Robert Rabbin in October 2005. Please visit the FAQs page to read more about the history and distinction of Speaking Truthfully. Speaking expressing oneself with all manner of verbal and nonverbal means Truthfully expressing oneself with honesty and transparency, clarity and confidence, presence and power Speaking Truthfully is a profound, powerful, and radical style of authentic self-expression, public speaking, and communication based on the ... Read more
ROBERT RABBIN — creator.
After more than 15 years of intensive meditation and spiritual self-inquiry, including 10 years living and working with Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa, Robert began his distinctive professional journey in 1985. Since then, with his motto of Have Mouth, Will Travel, Robert has developed a reputation as an iconoclastic self-awareness facilitator, speaker, and leadership adviser, while also serving as a mentor and advisor to individuals, entrepreneurs, creatives, professionals, and executives. He ... Read more
FAQs — for inquiring and curious minds.
Speaking Truthfully creator Robert Rabbin answers questions often asked by prospective students and clients. Details about the Master Classes can be found here.   Q: When was Speaking Truthfully created and what was the impetus to do so? Speaking Truthfully was created in late 2005, in Melbourne, Australia. During the time I lived in Australia, it was called RealTime Speaking and I provided programs throughout that lovely country. In 2010, I created The 5 Principles of ... Read more
MASTER CLASSES — descriptions and formats.
Speaking Truthfully master classes and private coaching sessions are available to the public, private, educational, nonprofit, business, and corporate sectors. Inasmuch as individuals are unique in terms of their starting place, experience, capacity, and aim, all master classes are unique, each one tailored and hand-crafted to provide the students in that class with a personalized, relevant, and meaningful experience. In the case of an intact team or group of like-minded people, we establish a ... Read more
BUZZ — program participants share their experiences.
The following comments are from people who have participated in various Speaking Truthfully masterclasses, webinars, or personal mentoring sessions.   "Robert is the bravest man I know. He is ugly and beautiful, flawed and perfect. He isn't afraid to let the world see him. There is nothing he can't say, and nowhere he's sold out. He has balls of steel."  ~ Peter Cook, CEO, Love Your Business "I have been working with Robert for the past two years and I can only feel gratitude ... Read more
HAVE MOUTH, WILL TRAVEL — Robert's public speaking style and themes.
An audience member from one of Robert's talks said, "I've heard so many speakers over the years, and they all seem to have gone to the same school. Except Robert. He's so different. He seems to have gone to his own school." Robert is a special speaker because he and his speaking are one, not two. There is no separation between who he is and what he says. When Robert speaks about something, he simultaneously speaks from that very thing. If he speaks about inner stillness, you can feel that ... Read more
AUDIENCES — a diversity of clients.
During the past 25 years, Robert has honed his unique public speaking style through keynote speeches, conference presentations, and workshops to the public, corporate, academic, and nonprofit sectors. An unconventional public speaking guru, Robert teaches his philosophy and principles in Speaking Truthfully master classes and has worked with a cultural cross-section of people, including corporate executives, professionals, best-selling authors, fashion designers, performance artists, spiritual ... Read more
IMPACT — sponsors and clients offer comments.
The following comments are from clients and sponsors of Robert's public talks.   "Thank you again for coming and speaking at the Love Your Business community dinner. Having seen you speak before, I already knew that you are a masterful speaker. Your speaking is both authentic and polished. You model your Speaking Truthfully principles totally — you are completely present, authentic, and in relationship with your audience. One of our members said, 'It's as though he is sitting ... Read more
VIDEO INTERVIEWS — people sharing their experiences.
Here are video clips of people sharing their experiences of Speaking Truthfully programs (originally called RealTime Speaking) and creator Robert ... Read more
SPEAK TRUTHFULLY — buy the book!
(A revised edition — from November 2014 —  is now available in paperback and e-book formats; to download a preview section of the book, read testimonials, and purchase in either paperback or e-book formats, please click here to visit the Bookstore. In Speak Truthfully Robert Rabbin, along with essays from 23 of his students, tell their stories of how they reclaimed their lost power of self-expression, how they healed their wounds of self-doubt, and restored their creative ... Read more
Here are examples of the meme-art I create to highlight important principles of Speaking Truthfully and authentic living. An entire collection is posted on the Speaking Truthfully board on my Pinterest page.               To enjoy many more Speaking Truthfully meme-art, please click on the Pinterest ... Read more
ARTICLES — expounding essential principles.
In this section, I'll post articles I write which illuminate one or another aspect of Speaking ... Read more
I am hopelessly in love with people who speak truthfully. Their words and presence quicken every one of my living cells, arouse my heart, and awaken my spirit. I'm not talking about speakers with good stage craft or presentation skills; I'm talking about people who are carrying words from the bottom of their very soul, one by one, with care and intention and love, carrying them up from the very deepest and truest part of themselves and giving those words to us, to me, to you, to their ... Read more
CALENDAR of Classes & Events
(If you would like to organize a Master Class for your community or workplace, please send me an email, and we'll arrange a time to speak about logistics, pricing, and ... Read more