Life is a Work of Art
Contributor Myriam Negre writes of her experience with art as a way of life. She is a rare and beautiful being, who births each new artwork from her soul and whose every word comes from her heart. She lives in the hills outside of Barcelona, Spain, with her husband and two daughters. I was introduced to art through photography when I was around seven years old. My father used to take photos of the flowers in our garden and then showed them to me on paper. I was fascinated by the ... Read more

Meditation Sutras by a Modern Mystic
Meditation is commonly thought to be a practice or method, rooted in some mystical-spiritual-religious tradition or philosophy with the purpose of disabusing us of delusional notions about the ... Read more
A Soulful and Soul-Friendly Workplace
We all want to enhance our experience of work and enrich our work environments with greater meaning, purpose, joy and deep human connection. We want our work to be a place of inspiration, where we ... Read more
The True Test of Spiritual Attainment
For my entire adult life, I have devoted myself to cultivating self-awareness. For me, self-awareness implies something that is applied; in other words, self-awareness in action. What does self-awareness look like as we go about our daily lives? What are the behavioral corollaries to self-awareness? My teacher, Swami Muktananda, exemplified self-awareness in action; everything he did had the distinctive qualities of clarity, competence, completeness. In a word: impeccable. He set the bar... Read more
6 Words to Change the World
I have been fortunate to meet several people who taught me about wisdom and in whose presence I traveled deeper and farther into the world of wonderment, beauty, grace and silence. Huston Smith, Ph.D., is one such person and is, in my mind, a living saint, a man of prodigious knowledge and wisdom. During his distinguished career as an author and professor of philosophy and religion, Dr. Smith managed to not only study, but practice Vedanta, Hinduism, Zen Buddhism and Sufism for o... Read more
Holding Hands with Death, by Myriam Negre
Contributor Myriam Negre writes of her experience with leukemia when she was 12 years old. It was our shared experience of holding hands with cancer that brought Myriam and I together in friendship and mutual admiration. She is a rare and beautiful being, who births each new artwork from her soul and whose every word comes from her heart. She lives in the hills outside of Barcelona, Spain with her husband and two daughters. I was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 12 years old. At ... Read more
One Day, One Day, One Day
I think this piece of meme-art speaks for itself, except to say my doctor and I enjoy each other and respect each other. He is a very kind, sincere man, a healer in his own way, and very concerned for the welfare of his patients. He always cautions against too much optimism, though he does acknowledge how great I'm doing, relative to statistics. This is where he and I part company. He has many years of hands-on experience and statistical data to support his view; I have only my view, which I plu... Read more
MOTHER: Caring for 7 Billion
I have been helping a client develop the presentation he will soon deliver to a local college, on the general theme of climate change with a focus on what we, as individuals, can do to be more conscious in our use of energy. In my research on his behalf, I came across a film entitled Mother: Caring for 7 Billion. I watched it. And now I recommend that you do the same. I am posting a synopsis of the film taken from their website, which contains much more information about the film, as well as in... Read more
Asking Permission to Leave
This piece recounts how I met Swami Muktananda and my "asking permission to leave" conversation that re-routed the course of my life. I now think of that conversation as my initiation into a life style beyond the mind, in silence. In 1969, I lived in a wood shack near the village of Trinidad, about thirty miles north of Arcata, California. I was supposed to be studying Eastern philosophy at Humboldt State College but spent hardly any time in class. Instead, I sampled a variety of halluc... Read more
Good for You; Good for our Earth
Contributor Gerald W. Bernstein offers us a pathway to healing our disconnect from Nature, a condition that may well be at the root of our disregard for our environment. As with many hot button issues facing our society today, it's easy to become overwhelmed and paralyzed by negativity, contradictory information, and the sheer scope of the issue. Jerry offers us a simple, practical, doable action that cuts right to the core of things: healing our disconnect from Nature. It is so sensible and do... Read more
An Invocation
Dedicated to the People of the Earth  Where there is suffering and pain, May there be healing and ease. Where there is anger and oppression, May there be forgiveness and freedom. Where there is hatred and violence, May there be peace and compassion. Where there is poverty and sorrow, May there be abundance and joy. Where there is ignorance, May there be wisdom. Where there is fear, May there be love. Read more
Keith Olbermann
If there's one thing that floods my bits with life-giving blood, it's an impassioned, articulate, heartfelt, shock and awe word-based awakening smack-up-the-side-of-the-head. As a follow-on to my post, I Am Not a Role Model (part 1), I present Mr. Keith Olbermann, whose recent commentary on his ESPN2 show is such an awakening. Olbermann's poignant commentary was inspired by the NFL's recent suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. In February, Rice was arrested in Atlantic City ... Read more
Blog Blast Off!
I am thrilled to announce the launch (click play button below) of my fresh-from-the-future, 22nd century blog, which I decided to name: Robert Rabbin … un-common commentary about authenticity, awareness, activism, society, culture, cancer, sex, silence, and more. Sometime in early July, I realized I needed a place to express myself in ways that did not suit my Facebook page, on which I have been posting my meme-art. So, I got in touch with Jane Green, my purple angel who's been my gr... Read more

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