INTERVIEW: Sound Bites from Silence
This is the first in a series of conversations that Nurit Oren — author, teacher, interviewer — and I will have about my book, Sound Bites from Silence: Scouting Reports from the Frontier of Consciousness. I wrote this book sometime around 2002 or so, and I attempted to express my direct experience of living in, and from, silence. By way of introducing these conversations, Nurit has said, "In this book, Robert’s ability to express and echo the voice of silence with accuracy, dexterity, ... Read more

The Mental State of Presidential Candidates
I watched the Republican Presidential Debates last night — September 17 — until I was seized by an anxiety-induced asthma attack. I had to stop watching in order to breathe. I almost didn't ... Read more
A Triumphant Message of Heart
A triumphant message of heart, a stirring example of humanity at its compassionate best, and a teaching for all the American presidential candidates who think building another Great Wall of China on ... Read more
Jean Dunn: A Truly Remarkable Woman
I think it’s important to honor the lives and legacies of people who have touched our hearts in some way, who have touched the lives of others in uplifting and inspiring ways. It’s important to celebrate the qualities we admire and respect and want to pass on to our children by shining a light of gratitude on those who embody those qualities. And so I want to remember Jean Dunn, a truly remarkable woman worth remembering. I lived in Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco, from the l... Read more
PAY ATTENTION: My Early Teachers
I recently posted a meme-art about the second principle of authentic living, Pay Attention, on my Facebook page. Someone left a comment saying it was the hardest of the five principles. I said I'd post an article about my early training in "paying attention" — and here it is. It is excerpted from The 5 Principles of Authentic Living. My first training in Paying Attention came during high school. My best friend at the time was Mike Buchanan. We were on the wrestling team together, and we... Read more
Additions to Pinterest Account
Rather than post individual new meme-art here, I'll just invite you to visit my expanded Pinterest account, where you can enjoy new meme-art! I've added new boards, and new memes. Just click on the link below. I will be adding new meme-art regularly on these boards, as well as publishing them on my Facebook pages.     Read more
The One Booth that is Always Missing on Career Day
I recently read an article describing how, down in Texas (a rogue fourth world country), the people in charge of public education wanted eighth graders to select their career paths. As I thought about what I might want to say in response to this insanity, I remembered the very first article I had ever published, back in 1991. I found it hiding in my hard drive. I read it. I didn’t change a word. Here it is. It's entitled "Career Day for Mystics." I don’t remember seeing an information... Read more
Asking Permission to Leave
In 1969, I lived in a wood shack near the village of Trinidad, about thirty miles north of Arcata, California. I was supposed to be studying Eastern philosophy at Humboldt State College but spent hardly any time in class. Instead, I sampled a variety of hallucinogens, sat zazen and practiced Aikido, followed the saga of Carlos Castaneda, and read haiku poetry — tiny bridges of words that are connected to the immense emptiness behind conventional thinking and meaning. During this time, I encoun... Read more
Witnessing Awareness
There are two distinct ways of being. We can live in the excitement of thought and words and memory, or we can live in the silence which witnesses those. This is what the first principle of authentic living, Be Present, refers to: the silence which witnesses the thought stream and offers protection from its incessant noise and demands. This first way of being is preoccupied with creating a bigger and better life, a passionate and purposeful life, an aspiring life. One lives within the identit... Read more
From "Who am I?" to "How shall I live?"
When I was 11 years old, I had one of those epiphanies that shape one's life in unexpected ways. In my case, I developed a restless soul that longed for missing pieces in the puzzle of living: Who am I? What is my purpose? How shall I live? A few years later I took to the road on a spiritual quest, traveling around the world in search of answers to my questions about life and living, reality and truth, meaning and purpose. I spent the next 25 years immersed in various non-dual wisdom traditions,... Read more
Learning to Speak Truthfully from Our Hearts
“We fell morally ill because we became used to saying something different from what we thought.” ~ Václav Havel It is not uncommon to read about some scandal of corruption, fraud or deception–by government officials, corporate executives, spiritual leaders, celebrities or sport figures. Even the Catholic Church is not immune, paying out billions of dollars in penalties for not speaking authentically about decades of child sexual abuse. I want to set things straight. We are not v... Read more
Don't Dis the Body: it's the handiwork of a genius
I heard a spiritual teacher tell his flock they were not the body. He said that with a bit of a smile, as if the mere thought of identifying with the body was laughably preposterous. He spoke with such confidence and authority. He announced that everyone was pure awareness and that the body was illusory, not real. I felt sorry for his students, poor things. The teacher is a dickhead. I do know that at the quantum level the body does not exist in the way we experience it through our sens... Read more
The 5 Principles of Authentic Living
I would like to share with you The 5 Principles of Authentic Living, which represent nearly 50 years of self-study and self-expression. The first led to self-realization based on direct experience; the second led to unfettered forms of actualizing that realization in the world. These five principles comprise 10 simple words: two words per principle. They are my scripture, the profoundly holy and profusely practical book I use to guide me along the pathless path of an authentic life. The va... Read more

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