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Quantifying Authenticity

Friday, January 28th, 2011

In a recent webinar conversation with Jon Leland, I mentioned that one of the beautiful by-products of Being Present, miraclesthe first of The 5 Principles of Authentic Living, was the constant flow into one’s life of magical events and occurrences. I talked about how, when we stop projecting our thoughts and beliefs onto the world, the world opens to us in ways that our thoughts and beliefs simply can not account for. We can not draw straight and certain lines of cause and effect between this and that. Life starts to resemble the quantum world: things being here and there at the same time, or there before they are here, or something coming out of nothing — mind-boggling stuff. I call it magic.

We do have words that suggest the kind of magic I’m speaking of: serendipity, grace, miracle, synchronicity are a few of them.

But those words are misleading, because they suggest an aberration, an anomaly, a freakish one-off luck of the draw kind of thing. Those words don’t challenge the status quo of our non-magical existence.

Through Being Present, the world of magical events, the world suggested by grace and miracle, becomes the actual world, the authentic world, the default way in which life unfolds. Magical living, occurrences beyond the reach of our mind, is going on all the time. Why don’t we notice? Why don’t we participate?

At about this time, one of the participants in the webinar typed a question into the chat space, “Is it possible to measure, or quantify, an authentic life?”

I replied something along the lines of, “No, I don’t think an authentic life can be quantified. Who is going to create the tape measure? Who is going to determine the criteria by which an authentic life will be measured? Isn’t that up to each of us? We have to find the qualities of authenticity within our own experience and expression of being alive.”

Then Jon said something along the lines of, “I wonder if authenticity could be measured, or quantified, in terms of the frequency of magical occurrences?”

How wonderful! What a great notion: the more we are Being Present, the more authentic we become, the more we are buffeted by magical occurrences and events.