Speaking Truthfully: a boutique service for serious speakers

Speaking Truthfully is a unique style of self-expression, public speaking, and communication based on the authenticity, integrity, and transparency of the speaker. Its essential philosophy and fundamental tenet is: YOU Are the Message!

This is why we have to be authentic, genuine, and sincere in our speaking, to be willing and able to tell the truth, to show others who we really are, what we know, what we want, what we stand for. Vulnerability. Intimacy. Transparency. Connection. Courage. Confidence. Clarity. Power. Presence. Awareness. Silence. These words echo the philosophy and principles of Speaking Truthfully.

In public talks, masterclasses, executive coaching and individual mentoring sessions, Robert has taught the Speaking Truthfully philosophy and principles to hundreds of people — teaching them to be more authentic, inspiring, and effective speakers. His client list includes:

  • marketing and sales managers
  • community activists and leaders
  • business owners and entrepreneurs
  • politicians and public sector officials
  • authors, publicists, and professionals
  • fashion designers, musicians, dancers
  • martial artists, photographers, singers
  • non-profit fund-raisers and spokespeople
  • corporate managers and senior executives
  • spiritual teachers and life/business coaches
  • principals, teachers, academic administrators
  • professional actors and motivational speakers.

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